Grateful Challenge 2016 – Day Thirty Two


So down at the bottom you will get to read a transcript of a conversation I had with someone. To which they deleted everything at the last minute, because of how it made them look. Luckily I had time to save it. This happened over face-book. I was fine to debate this video over Bernie Sanders, as an adult would. Politely but when I began to be verbally abused, I had enough.

  • The Reasons why you cannot have an intelligent conversation with a Bernie Supporter!!!

First off…I do agree that being poor is EXSPENSIVE . It really is. I have to shop at places like walmart for groceries.Which I HATE! I do not approve of walmart. If I could afford to go to high end stores for my food, I would.

Now, regardless of that. Bernie Sanders wanted to say that he is able to get good food because of where he lives. That isn’t true. He is able to, because he has the MONEY to do so! It isn’t the location of these stores. If they put high end grocery stores in poverty stricken neighborhoods. Regardless of location, you still would not be able to afford it. Period!!!

I don’t really like to discuss politics. Simply for the reason, that sometimes you cannot reason with people, or have a simple discussion with someone that doesn’t share the same beliefs, because of how the come at you.

I haven’t graduated from college. For the simple reason, taking care of my child is more important. I couldn’t afford my stuff for school, and feed and house her at the same time. That doesn’t make me ignorant. I think that makes me smart. I will go back to college soon, as things in life are in fact improving now, and I will finish obtaining my degree in Psychology, Forensic Science, and Criminal Justice!

I didn’t belittle them back, at least I don’t think I did. Feel free to comment below if you believe me to be an asshole, but at the same time. I defended myself, from someone that wanted to abuse me, simply because I didn’t agree with them! Find it interesting to be honest.

  • Isn’t ISIS killing people because people do not agree with their beliefs?
  • Does this make this person I was talking with, a radical?

So anyways thats my rant today, and funny thing is. Its my grateful challenge. I am grateful that I can have adult conversations with people like this, and not lose it.




THEM: What’s so funny?

ME: The crap that come’s from Bernies mouth!

THEM: …right…says the girl who’s post are inaccurate 99% of the time. Which is ironic since you do literally nothing all day, so fact checking shouldn’t be that much of a time commitment for you. On this matter all the work I did with the Mayor of San Antonio was about poverty levels and health and how being poor is actually so much more expensive than living rich. Do your research before you decide to comment on my post. Because I do my research and I’m not afraid to tell you how stupid you are.

ME: Oh I am not saying that it isn’t expensive to be poor. It is, but for him to compare his rich ass to it is funny. The fact that ALL he talks about is Free College, Free Health Care, Free this..Free That…NOTHING is free!!!

THEM: Tell that to the majority of countries that have those things.

ME: and to whom do you think pays for it all??? Its the working class that gets taxed to hell to pay for all this!!! The people who have an income, are the ones that suffer!

THEM: ……Well I mean in essence that is true…but if you look at Bernie he is also for taxing the rich more….so you know….and honestly anyone who works pays taxes…so I mean its not just the poor. But I do agree we need reform there…which is another reason I will vote for Bernie.I just think you should truly educate yourself on politics and how everything is connected. You have some great values and ideas I just wish you did thorough research into what you post….and what you say…and your political views…and really what each candidate actually stands for. Just important to do. You will disagree because you think you know what it is all about but honestly you are not in the work force, you haven’t been for almost a decade. You have not gone to college…at least not a college that educates you are social matters, and you don’t really do anything on a societal level that actually qualifies your views to be educated or even from personal experience. So the least you can do is fact check yourself! I would respect your opinion and your views 100% if I knew they were coming from a qualified, thoroughly researched, and educated basis.

ME: I post what I post because I like it. I like what some things say, and I like that most of the time, if you truly sit there and think about it, its the truth. I WONT be voting for Bernie, or any other dumb ass socialist, or murderer! The fact they want to tax the rich more? Why? They earn their money just like everyone else should. Why should THEY be punished, just because people are whining that they aren’t getting enough money? I agree they shouldn’t have so many tax exemptions, but we need to have a straight tax rate held against everyone! AND Its called get off your ass, and work harder? They have grants to get an education. FREE money its called, its NOT, but the working class pays for this. I know where I stand politically! I want our country to be strong again! I want people who are committing crimes to be punished! I want our homeless people to be taken care of, and given help that they need, before we spend billions of dollars helping other countries! I want our politicians to earn a MINUMUM wage, and the people who actually defend this country making higher wages then the morons in government that don’t do ANYTHING! I want Illegals to be handled the way they should….as a crime! I want jobs to be created, and not sent over seas where labor is cheaper! It is a BUNCH of crap! Education needs to be reformed, and instead of this NO child left behind BS, it should be, if you aren’t succeeding in school, you get help! Obamacare needs to be trashed, school lunches need to be fixed, and Michelle Obama’s lunch program needs to be tossed out. Ted Cruz shouldn’t be permitted to Run for President, per our laws, GUN Control is retarded, since our 2nd Amendment says they cannot INFRINGE anything onto it, nd yet people are letting them! This man that is demanding RAPE to be legalized needs a bullet in the head, and anyone that commits an act of terrorism in the US needs to be tried for Treason! Hillary and Obama should be arrested, and tried! The Feds need to be held accountable for murdering that man in Oregon! So don’t think I don’t know my shit, just because you claim I don’t do my research! I DO do my research, but regardless, of what I post, I do feel that some of it sounds amazing, and promotes thinking of other things, and besides the media, the news outlets, and any government official is going to lie. They only tell people what they want to hear, and only allow people access to things that wont allow them tools to think out of the box, and think for themselves! I wont be one of those sheep!!!


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