Grateful Challenge 2016 – Day Thirty Seven


I have been thinking so much lately about where I come from. My mother is German, and my father is Irish. It is an interesting combination. I know a lot about my parents. For instance my mom doesn’t know for sure who her father is. It is between two men, whom both have already passed away. My father was adopted by his stepfather. I never knew his biological father, but I know his name, and where he is from etc.

My mema, passed away, but I didn’t know much about her history. I never bothered to ask. Growing up I never thought to ask, nor did I care too. NOW I wonder. I wonder whom she was. Where she comes from. Her family. Etc. I do not speak to my father, so I cannot ask him. My mother only knows a little bit about her. Apparently my family is very hush hush about it.

I am proud of family, heritage, culture. I have a deep need now to know who I am. Where I come from. About my ancestors. So I have an account now on It sucks having to pay for it, but I have found so much out about my family as it is. Some of my ancestors that I have located, have been very famous. Some, have been….not so famous, nor something I want to brag about.

But they ARE family. Regardless of what they did in their lives. I LOVE seeing the history of my family! Without this web site, I most likely would never have known some of what I have learned lately.

I am Grateful!!!


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