Grateful Challenge 2016 – Day Thirty Nine


If anyone here knows me, they know I do not like admitting that I am wrong, I have a problem, or need help! I am stubborn this way! However I am starting to learn it is easier, and better for me to admit these things. I have severe social anxiety. I can admit this. I am working hard to NOT allow this to affect me.

I have a temper problem as well. There is this side of me that can feel my rage starting to come forward, and oddly I cannot make it stop. When I blow, I BLOW and I do it hard, and fast, and there is nothing anyone can do, until it just subsides. This affects my submission greatly.

Luckily I have an amazing Mistress that understands this.

So the funny fact that the nature of realizing a problem in my life, is also me recognizing that there ultimately is a solution to fixing it. I am happy for this. It means there is hope for me!

I Am Grateful!!!


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