Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Thirty Five


I have lately been heavily interested in some foreign shows. Subtitles of course, because I do not speak their language. I have fallen in love with oriental historic shows. Mainly Korean historical dramas. I am in love with the Joseon era. Though I love everything to do with the Orient. Chinese culture to me is very beautiful. I love all the meaning behind their rituals. Even down to the colors they wear. It is all symbolic.

It helps me appreciate life more, and learn about other things. To be fairly honest I think some of their stories are far more interesting than most television shows here in the U.S. We are all focused on crappy reality shows. I need something with a bit more substance. So while I get to enjoy amazing stories, beautiful decor, amazing clothing, talented actors, ALL while learning about cultures, and their history, the rest of the world is going to damnation with The Bachelor, or something stupid like Bad Girls Club!!

I am so happy to learn, and enjoy other cultures. To appreciate the beauty and diversity in them!

I am Grateful!!!


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