Grateful Challenge 2016 – Day Thirty Eight


I am not someone the enjoys change. It takes forever to get me to embrace change. Especially when I enjoy something as it is. However I am thankful for change. Without it, new things could never come about. So I am happy nothing lasts forever. Sometimes I am sad to see something end. To see it go away. Yet I am often happy in the long run. It reminds me to be present. To live in the moment, and to never take anything for granted.

I havent always had the best relationships in the lifestyle. Though some had ended badly, some have ended with sad tears, some have ended in happiness, but despite it all. Despite the arguments, the pain, the heart ache, the happiness, the joy. I have learned many things. From each person. Whether it was a hard life lesson, or just a happy growth in my life. I have learned. To embrace life, embrace the changes, and to not be sad when something ends. I can grieve its passing.

  • Nothing lasts forever, which is, essentially, just a call to be present!!! *

I Am Grateful


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