Two Orgasms!!!


and in that moment, I am Hers!!!

I have been so sick lately, that I have fallen so far behind on grateful challenges, and submissive prompts, and just anything and everything related to my writing. Which makes me so happy that my Mistress is so understanding. I have been waiting to feel better enough to write about the last time she was here. Can I just say it was the BEST three days ever!

It started with her getting a day off early. So she arrived early. Mistress, Daddy and I went shopping for a few things for our first bad movie night at Kairopup’s house. It was so much fun trying things on, browsing, and picking out a leather collar, since my day collar hasn’t arrived yet. It was amazing to hold both of their hands, an feel completely shielded and safe by both of them.

Mistress picked out some earrings for me, a collar, and she and Daddy allowed me to get a small head band of kitty ears. mew I was completely spoiled that day. We got home, Mistress did my makeup, and I usually get my eye brows done, but my Mistress and my daughter got a good laugh, as my Mistress took care of the bushes framing my eyes. Hurt so badly, but now I am beautiful again, plus my Mistress laughed so hard. Her laugh is intoxicating!

We went to bad movie night, made some new acquaintances, watched some really terrible but hilarious scary movies, ate some pizza, and learned a little bit about puppy play. Then we came home, and BOOM I could NOT wait to get my Mistress naked. We had such an intense night of intimacy. I was able to make my Mistress cum TWICE! She has never done this, and I was soooooooo proud. She made me cum more than that. To the point I didn’t remember where I was for a moment, my legs would NOT stop shaking, and I was trying soooo hard to keep the tears at bay.

Oddly I didn’t want my Mistress to see me cry. I don’t know why. Perhaps I was far too afraid to be so vulnerable. Especially since she was a bit more dominating, which I preferred, and treasured, and I know deep down it is alright. It is natural for me to be so vulnerable before my Mistress. I just was too scared. The few nights of love making was amazing, and even the night we DID not have sex, was still sooooo cloud nine for me.

I got a necklace and a new Stuffy from Mistress. She spoils me. She has no idea how much I need her in my life. I sleep with Schmoopy and Sparkle a lot. Schmoopy is my Teddy bear, and Sparkle is Schmoopy’s new best friend, that is a large pretty giraffe. OH Plus, my Mistress left a shirt behind. I get to snuggle that when I really really really miss her..

She and I snuggled the last night she was here, watched Love Never Dies. For those who do not know, it is part two of The Phantom Of The Opera. It was a bit rough, since we had to keep turning it up and down, because it was getting too loud. It was wonderful, a birthday party where she met more of my family. UGH SOOOO Sorry my Mistress for that!!! ROFL. We played games with my nephew, and just did vanilla stuff. It was paradise.

Sadly all things come to an end. My Mistress had to leave again, go back to her work and such. I wont say Home. Because that’s here in my arms where I can take care of her. It was so hard, because Mistress tells me all the time not to cry when she leaves. I can brave it when she gets in her car, drives off, but the moment she cant see me, I break down. My world turns dark and grey!!!

Which sucks, because a few days after my Mistress became very ill. To the point she had to be in the hospital. NO ONE took care of her. No one got her drinks, or food, or anything. She was suffering and I could not be there to take care of her. I felt so helpless, because I am her submissive. I love her, and I wasn’t there when she needed me. I know she will say it was out of our hands, and what not, but the feeling is. I hate that I cannot be there when she truly needs me.

My Mistress was released, and of course, because no one stood up for her, we don’t really know what’s wrong. So a few days later, BACK to the hospital! I really want to grab my super hero outfit, and my might submissive kick but tiara and wand, and charge into that doctors office and give them a what’s up butt kicking! One day I will get to do that for her. So thinking bout the future makes me smile, and tear up. I never look to my future. I stopped a long time ago when I gave up. Even when I thought I was madly in love with Carlos, I still never looked to my future.

So why is it different with my Mistress? Why is it so easy to see things in the future with her? To imagine things, to hope for things, to day dream and fantasize? I wish I knew, but I wont dare complain. It is scary for me, but I am willing to face these fears, and risk being hurt to be with her. I love her dearly.

Especially since we haven’t been having the perfect of days since she left. We have argued, over misunderstandings and hurt feelings. It was stressful, especially since it wasn’t something I wanted to happen. I was sick, dealing with a TON of stress from family. Which will be written about later and so the last person I wanted to argue with was her. Let alone, my issues, she was and is still having her own as well. So it wasn’t good for either of us.

It felt like we were going to end. That one of us was about to leave, because it was just so stressful, but I am grateful we were able to get through a rough patch, and come out on the better part of it. We made up, and have been enjoying ourselves once again.

I am just eager to see her again. Not even for sex. I would still be with her if there was NO sex involved. I just want to lay in her arms. Hear her heart beating. See her sleep. I miss her so very much!

Your, kitten loves you,  my Mistress!!




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