I am her Kitten, and everything in one!!


So the other day in second life, Mistress and I became neko kitties. We look adorable even if the pictures do not do it justice. I just wanted to quickly show what we look like. Better pictures will come in the future.

Anyhow, Mistress gave her kitten. Yep that’s right… KITTEN ..I am her kitten until further notice. She gave me a task, to determine what kind of submissive that I really am. I told her I am a little bit of all. I don’t like to stereotype. I like things about all different types of submissive, and so she wanted her kitten to put together a list of things that pertained to each one that I like.

Sadly after weeks of research, there really isn’t anywhere online that has general lists for different submissive. Aside from this funny web site that made fun of submissive people. Different day and story for that. So I just really had to think on my own, and what I preferred. So I guess I don’t really fall into EVERY category. I am not into certain things like baby play, or wearing diapers.

I don’t judge those that are into different fetishes than me!!!

So for instance. I LOVE Stuffies. For those who do not know the term. It is little talk, for stuffed animals. I Love girly stuff, hair pretties, make up, pink, cute little stockings and dresses, coloring, collecting stickers, and being all cute and whiney when I don’t feel good! I do not ever though go into the head space of like some littles do. I do not understand that part, of being say, a five year old.

PERSONALLY …and I don’t mean to offend anyone, BUT….This kind of thing creeps me out. Portraying a child, and then their Daddy has sex with them later? Just…for me personally. I am not into that, and do not truly understand it.

I like being a kitten. Dressing up with little kitty ears and tails. I want a really nice tail and ear set eventually, but for now virtual worlds like second life allow me to explore. I am not the type to sit there and meow like a cat. I might whimper something once in a while, but I am not going to pretend to purr, or clean myself like a kitten. I will however eat my food from a kitty bowl while Mistress has dinner at the table one night, if she allows.

My friend Kairopup is into puppy play. I could see myself, sleeping in a doggy kennel once in a while, or eating from doggy bowls, and being leashed and taken on walks, but I don’t think I could go so far as acting like a dog, in the aspect of how the dogs smell each other. I LOVE to wrestle like doggies though, and Kairo helped me to understand it a little bit better.

Again I DONT judge, because what I find awkward, someone else might find awkward with some of my fetishes, and really its a learning experience!!!!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Gorean Culture. The books are terribly written, but I can see the absolute beauty of it. The rituals are amazing, and though I don’t consider myself an actual slave, since I have limits, and what not. I still LOVE the rituals, and like to add some of them that I have adapted into my submission and service.

I do like SOME pain. Though I am very sensitive to it, since I have fibro-myalgia, so everything is intensified, but I do like to be spanked, and what not. I am also into knife play. I’ve not been cut yet, and I am not sure I really want to be cut either. I do like it dragged across my skin and what not for sensation play.

I can be a SAM or Brat sometimes. I will test my boundaries, and if I find a loophole in a rule I WILL exploit it, to the fullest extent. Mostly until I get punished for it, at which I stop doing it. I don’t know why I do this, but I do. However for the most part, I just want to be pleasing, and loving, and caring at all times.

So while we were out shopping in second life, Mistress and I were browsing for dresses. We attend BDSM discussions sometimes, and I want to look sexy, but not trashy. So the entire time I was like, this looks slutty, that’s definitely a whore dress, and Mistress came back with..”Well you are my whore, so!!!’ and I just smiled, and blushed, and got sooooo aroused. Then it was kitten. Granted I don’t always like being called kitten, because my brother is into BDSM as well, and thats what he calls his submissive, most often Mistress calls me pet. Which is something I also enjoy.

I am playful, girly, silly, but very loyal, determined to be pleasing, and eager to love and care for my Mistress. I don’t know what kind of submissive that makes me, all I know is I love being all of it for my Mistress!!




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