Sky Diving Naked


am a strong person in general. I have had some pretty bad shit tossed my way. I am not whining about it, and I know there are others that have had it worse off than myself. However with that being said, I like mild pain. Some pain to me is good pain. It reminds us we are still alive. When it comes to foreplay or punishment, sadly I cannot handle a TON of pain. I have health reasons why, and what not, but I am not against pain at all.

If during play, or a punishment gets too much I voice it. Either first with my safe word, or when its done we discuss it. I am not the best communicator, though I am working hard to improve. Most often I bottle things up until I erupt, but I am truly working so very hard to not do that anymore. I am learning to find my voice, and to speak it when I truly do NOT like something, and it needs to change, or never happen again. I am also learning to hold people accountable. Even holding myself accountable. I have seen little improvements lately, so I am happy for it.

Which is good for me. I am able to voice what I want to do. I am not very experienced sexually so I could list ALL sorts of things I want to do in that aspect. Though, some things I want to do are more vanilla. Like I really want to go sky diving. I think it could be very very fun. Scuba diving would be intense, since I have a huge desire to feed sharks. They do that here where I live, I have never gone though. I want to do it naked. The skydiving part anyways.

Which would be find with me. Naked is my preferred clothing preference. I LOVE being naked. Wearing clothes to me is, is basically like being imprisoned. I dont have a dress code, at least not yet. I might when my Mistress and I move in together. Never know!!


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