Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Seventeen


Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Seventeen

I am so happy that as a child I was taught to defend myself. I was raised in martial arts, a Brown Belt third degree! WOOT I was also taught to handle guns, USE them, and not only defend myself, keep myself and my family safe, but I was taught to do it at miles long distances! Thank you to my bio dad for giving me one more great thing in my life

So yes, I am grateful for GUNS! I am a chick that like a kick. I am the one that ones a .50 Cal Barrett Sniper Rifle, painted Bubble Gum Pink, with the name Terminator barbie! I LOVE laser tag, and paint ball! I LOVE FPS video games, and I am actually pretty damn good at them! I can hold a gun, I know all about gun safety, but better believe your asses, IF anyone was caught breaking into my house, trying to harm me, or a loved one I would shoot first, ask questions later!!!

I am all about defending yourself with whatever means necessary. I’ve been in situations where I havent had a chance to defend myself. Drugged and raped? Kidnapped when leaving a restaurant with a friend. These are times I wish I had something like a gun to defend myself. Lets face it. Criminals can actually contribute something wonderful to this earth, as manure, six feet under!

I am sure I will lose even more followers and friends over this. I lost about 15 with one of my past entries, but you know what, I like weeding out people whoCant Handle A Different Opinion!

I am grateful for the knowledge on how to protect myself. I am grateful for weapons, that assist in me protecting myself!!!


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