Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Sixteen


Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Sixteen

So I went to breakfast. It wasn’t to bad to be honest. The mother of my daughter’s friend is my age, so that was comforting. We all some well made food. I must say it was the best ham and cheese omelet I have had in a long time, and I don’t even like pork.

So we were at the restaurant for about an hour, and talked some. It felt slightly awkward, at least to me. After that, the girls hung out at my place, and they seemed to have a great time. I took them out for dinner, and then drove her friend home. They are even more excited, because she gets to spend the night next Friday.

So today I am grateful to have courage and strength to push through my anxiety. I wanted my minion to have a great day, and she did.

I am grateful for kicking Anxiety in the ass today!!


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