Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Fifteen


Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Fifteen

My daughter was supposed to have a new friend stay the night. I had it all planned, bought snacks, and drinks, was going to take them bowling, and what not. However her mother didn’t approve of it, without meeting me. Which is alright, I am the same way. Normally I would take my daughter to their house. I would get their address, phone numbers, and I would go inside and look around. If the house was filthy, or unsafe I wouldn’t allow my daughter to stay.

However this girls mom wont do that. She wants to go have breakfast. Awkward! I have severe social anxiety when it comes to meeting new people. I learned her whole life story over the phone in ten minutes, and I am unsure if she is wanting to be safe about her daughter or try to make a new friend? Its just my anxiety kicking in, because I am so insecure about meeting new people. On top of it, I am very opinionated about certain issues, like politics and religion. I really hope those two do not come up.

Anyways I am nervous, but I am willing to push through this anxiety for my daughters sake. Her happiness comes before any uncomfortable feeling I need to endure. It will be awkward for me, but I will survive. I am just thankful there is another mother out there that is like me. One that guards their child, enough to not allow them at a strangers house without knowing they are safe. I used to feel I was kind of a quack for doing that. It is nice to see another parent that actually cares about their child.

I am grateful for this!


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