You have no powers here!


So, I got a nasty comment today on my entry of when I submitted to my Mistress, back December 2015. I have no idea why strangers are leaving me mean comments, since well….I dont actually know them.

Anyways, it did sting just a tad, but not enough to cry or leave the lifestyle. It was more of a…

Hey!! That wasnt nice!

Kind of feeling! I shared it with my Mistress, and she allowed me to respond. Funny thing is, all comments left on my blog are tagged with their IP address. I can google that and find out exactly where it came from, their address, their phone number. Why people want to bully, I have no idea!

Anonymous Person: Pathetic. You arent a slave, youre just a princess.

My Reply: Well whomever this is that wants to leave mean and hurtful comments about other people, let me just say this. I am not hurt or offended by your opinion. Your opinion does not matter to me. The ONLY opinions that matter to me, are that of my Mistress, and my Daddy!

Now a little information about me. Being called a princess isnt a bad thing. In fact in my world, my Mistress calls me princess once in a while. You are right as well. I am not a slave, nor a submissive, nor a little, babygirl, princess, bottom, kajira, or anything singular. I am ALL of them, all wrapped up in one bubbly, excited, terrified, woman who happens to so be in love with my Mistress.

So thank you. I am grateful you could vent a little on my blog, Mr person who lives in Gainesville, but doesnt want to share his actual identity. Have a good night, and my Mistress said to inform you. She enjoys me being a princess!!

So yeah I list myself as submissive. Submissive classifies a WIDE spectrum of things I am. In a nutshell I am all of them. So to the man who wrote the mean comment! Have a great day! I sure am!!!


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