Grateful Challenge Day Eleven


Grateful Challenge 2016 – Day Eleven

I was always raised to stand firm in what you believe in, and to never waiver from it. To fight for what you believe in, and as I see how the world is today, I can appreciate that little bit from my parents. If anything from my biological father stuck, it was that.

I am very open about what I believe in. I try to be as honest as I can, regardless of my consequences. I fight for those that cannot, and if I could join my military I would. So I do it in other ways. I protest, I vote, I petition, I am an activist for HUMAN rights. I dont believe in the black lives matter, because its ALL lives matter. I dont care if you are red, white, purple, black, brown, yellow, pink, blue, YOURE human, and so because of that, you deserve to BE treated like everyone. I do not care if you are straight, or gay. Man, Woman, Trans, etc etc etc. You are HUMAN, therefore you are entitled to live your life how you want. Be seen how you feel you deserve to be seen, and treated accordingly. IF YOU are happy then that is what matters to me.

I dont care what religion you are. Keep it to yourself, practice it by yourself, and do NOT harm anyone else because of it. I personally feel if your *religion* says you need to kill other people, then you are not in a religion but a cult. This is my belief, MY opinion, and I am not apologizing for it.

I Believe that you should share PRIDE in your race, your culture, your heritage. I am white. I am PROUD to be white!! I am AMERICAN…I am and ALWAYS will be PROUD to be American!! I am sick and tired of seeing all this stuff on the news. I dont believe we should help other countries when we need to help ours first. Strengthen your foundation, before adding more stories to your house.

I think rapists and pedophiles should be put on death row just like murderers. I believe in corporal punishment for heinous crimes. I feel people who are addicted and convicted of drug and alcohol abuse should be sent to rehab, instead of prison.

Illegal immigrants should be deported. ALL of them..not just ones from Mexico. ANY illegal immigrant, from ANY country. You should migrate legally like everyone else did, and WHEN you do, you adhere to OUR laws…you become an American, you act like one. You can have pride in your heritage, but you migrate here, then you are one of us.

I believe in abortion for ONLY rape victims, or those with conditions that giving birth will kill the mother!! Sorry but if you spread your legs you raise the kid. Maybe then we wouldnt have so many teen moms, if they were held accountable?

If girls lie about their age to sleep with men, they should go to jail. NOT the man. I dont ask a man for his birth certificate and social security number before he takes me out to dinner. So I think that between sexes it should be fair. Jobs, standards, crimes, should ALL be equal!!

Anyways I dont want to get carried away…I could continue on..Gun control, ISIS, Who should be president, Education, etc etc etc etc etc etc….

I will lose followers for this, but you know what…if you are So offended by my beliefs, and cannot stand someone with a differnt opinion than your own, then its a blessing..

I am Grateful that I can stand up for myself, my beliefs, and NOT apologize. This is me. This is who I am. These are issues that mean something to me.

I am Grateful!!!


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