Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Nine


Grateful Challenge 2016 – Day Nine

So I have trouble remembering things from my childhood, whether it was good or bad. I disociated myself because of different traumatic experiences in my life that happened at different times. So I know my childhood wasnt ALL bad, just some bad experiences. It sucks when I hear things from my family like, do you remember this, or you used to love that sooo much. Etc.

I dont recall this at all, and so that is why I LOVE old pictures of my life. It helps me to remember. I can look at them and I get this feeling that washes over me, and then I can recall things. What I remember feeling then, smelling, etc. It helps to bring me back to that moment, especially when I feel I am losing my mind.

I can recall numbers, specific events down to the date it happened, word for word what was spoken, and it frustrates me that I cannot do the same for my past. How can I remember what you said exactly six years, four days, thirty two minutes, and thirteen seconds ago, but not about being happy flying in my father airplane when I was two?

Anyways, seeing the pictures reminds me of times my mind cannot seem to recall it on their own.

So I am very grateful, for old photographs!


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