Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Eight


Grateful Challenge 2016 – Day Eight

Today my daughter witnessed a man in the middle 40’s grab a middle school aged boy by the arm, and ripped him off his bike, because he walked on his lawn for a moment to avoid a car. She came home and told me about it. I of course had her go get the boy, while I got my shoes on and called the police.

As we waited for the cops to arrive, I had the boy call his mother and I spoke to her, gave her my address and waited for her to arrive as well. Cops arrived, statements taken, and the mother is pressing charges. The boy wasn’t actually hurt, but its a felony, and this man across the street has always been a jerk to kids. Threatening them and such.

Anyways, that’s the story behind it. Now to say why I am Grateful about this situation. My daughter is SHY, Passive, and does NOT like confrontation. She usually NEVER tells me things until its far to late to handle it, but I am proud. She came right through the door and told me what was going on.

I was worried for a long while that maybe her father and I teaching her to stick up for herself, and those who cannot didn’t hold onto her. So I am grateful that some of our influence and teachings are sticking. We want her to be her own person, but we hoped that we were doing right by her, and some things we teach her, have stuck.

So I am grateful for my daughter actually listening to her parents, and protecting someone who couldn’t.


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