Grateful Challenge Day Seven


3 months old


9 months old

Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Seven:

When I was three I got my first puppy. It was a female Australian Shepard. We named her Sasha. I had her until I was 18 years old, when we had to put her down because she was fatally sick. There was nothing we could do but let her suffer, so it was off to the vet where they put her to sleep. I held her until she stopped breathing, then we buried her.

So I was dead set against any dogs. I miss my Sasha, and any love for another dog was not going to happen. I felt as if I was betraying her memory. So after 13 years of denial, I finally got a puppy. I’ve been feeling lonely, and so for my 31st birthday I was able to get a puppy. Now I wanted something tiny, that could just snuggle in my lap, something like my brothers, which is this tiny little rat terrier. Big enough to play with, tiny enough to snuggle.

So YAY my daughter’s friend’s dog had puppies, and she just so happened to be a rat terrier. We went down, I chose the one I wanted, named him Toby, and went on my merry way. He was the cutest white fluff ball that I ever laid eyes on. 9 months later I am looking at him and going wtf, where did this pony come from. We took him to the vet to get his puppy shots, and guess what. He is a Rat Terrier….Mixed with a Great Mountain Pyrenees. How the hell a rat terrier took that large of a dog dick, let alone squeeze this puppy out, along with 9 others, I will never know. More power to you mommy dog!

So despite him not turning out the size I wanted, he is clearly what I needed. Things happen for a reason! Clearly I needed this dog, that by the way is a nocturnal animal. Go me..I have insomnia, so now I have company. He is also very hyper and makes me play. He snuggles his head on my neck when I sleep to wake me up. He snuggles me, and he knows 5 minutes before I get home no matter what I am doing. He is at the door whining, 5 minutes before I get home.

So today I am grateful for Toby. My shining fluffy ball of love that saved me when I was going insane with loneliness. Mommy loves you!!!


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