Grateful Challenge Day Two:

Not many who follow my blog go ALL the way back. In fact I actually post all my stuff in three places. WordPress, Tumblr, and Fetlife. So it wouldn’t be known to many, and certainly not those that are new to my writing, to know that the year 2014 was very very VERY difficult for me, and in about 16 days its going to be hard yet again.

January 26th 2014 I lost someone I loved very very deeply. He was only 32, and at the time the love of my life. On top of that I lost 5 other people that were friends in my life. It was not the best of years for me. Dealing with the grief, and loss was a toll all its own, and then financial difficulty was worse.

So I must say that I am glad I survived 2015, and made it to 2016 already. For my challenge today, I am grateful for 2015 being a better year for me. I got a car. I got to move further down the grief line, to accept what happened, and learn to start to move on. I have been able to overcome ALL of my obstacles that were thrown at me.

For once we had a family holiday where there was NO fighting, and my brother wasn’t a drunk. Christmas wasn’t a stressful time for me this year, and I am so happy it came and I was able to financially afford to get ALL of the family gifts and that I finally for once in my life got stuff that EVERYONE loved and wanted. (I know thats not what its about.) but for me, it was a blessing.

AND I got to meet my Mistress. It has been the best year ever, since all the crap in the past is finally settling. So I am very grateful that 2015 wasn’t so difficult, and was actually a pretty happy year. I am glad it is over, but I am grateful that it was kinder to my family and myself. I am of course eager to see what 2016 has to offer me.

I am truly grateful.


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