Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Six


Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Six:

I don’t know what it is, most likely just another number of health issues I have on the rising. I used to HATE being cold. I lived in Washington state for 5 years, and it snowed. I was told it only snows once in a blue moon. It must have been a BLUE moon for 9 months, each year I was there. Now I live across the country, and I am ALWAYS hot. To the point I refuse to go outside, unless I know its raining, or we will be somewhere cold soon!

So today I am grateful for the fact it isnt the temperature of the sun, and I have to actually use a throw blanket to not freeze my nipples off. It has been raining here, and lightening, thunder. I love it. Its amazing. I like getting into my car and going, Holy crap batman, turn on the heater!!

So thank you mother nature. I am soooo grateful that you give me cool days to remind myself that I am not in hell!!!

I am grateful!!


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