Grateful Challenge 2016 – Day One




Grateful Challenge Day One:

I am ten days behind but then again I will make them up. I plan to. I got turned onto the grateful challenge by a blogger on Tumblr that I follow. Which in its own way a blessing. I find that there is far too much negativity in the world. So doing this, in between my blog prompts and tasks for my Mistress, I am hoping helps me see more beautiful things in the verse, and turn my life towards a more positive nature.

So for day one, I am grateful that I have this chance. This grand opportunity to try and do something a bit more positive. It is hard for me, since I am such a pessimist, but I am hoping that I can stick to this for the entire year. I may not post one every single day, but I am holding myself to the guns of have a total of 365 by the time the year is over.

I want to make the world a bit more positive, and being disabled partially, this is my way. To write things that inspire people. To tell my stories, my life experiences. So I am truly and deeply grateful that I get to do this, and experience 365 entries of pure positivity.


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