Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Four


Grateful Challenge Day Four:

I am partially an agoraphobic. I am terrified to leave the house alone. Drive anywhere alone. See people alone. Talk to people alone. I disassociate myself as well, so it makes it rather difficult to keep friends, and maintain friendly relationships. Add that with being kidnapped, molested, raped, and someone trying to murder you and your family, and you would most likely become a reclusive person as well.

So I am grateful to my friends, the ones I know face to face, and those I know through the verse. Skype, and games, and messengers, social media, etc. Most that have entered my life have taught me lessons both good and bad. A select few stick by me, even if sometimes they don’t hear from me months at a time. When I can message them, or call them out of the blue, and no matter how much time has truly passed, our friendship remains as if we saw each other the day before.

The ones who have stuck by me through it all. Whether I as a jerk to them or not. Those who have seen me at my worst, and still helped to pick me up when I have fallen to the lowest of the low. The ones who offer me encouragement, even when I cannot fathom to believe I can succeed in something. To the rocky, twisty, bumpy, holey road we have traversed. Thank you to those in my life that have been a positive influence.

I am grateful for you.


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