Grateful Challenge 2016 Day Five





Grateful Challenge Day Five:


Baked, Fried, Bbq, Roasted, Seared, Broiled…


YES this days all about chicken. It is the ONLY reason I am not a vegetarian. It is the ONLY reason I have protein. It is the ONLY meat that I choose to love. I will eat, beef, and pork IF I have to…and that is a LARGE IF….

I used to eat junk. Fast food as much as I could. It was cheap, and easier to clean up. Especially when you are spending about a million hours at he law library filling out paperwork, and researching laws to help someone that cannot afford attorneys to know what to do.

Gosh that was a LONG LONG 3 years!

Anyways, I hit a record high in weight. 320 lbs! YEESH…granted it isn’t all from what I ate! I admit MOST of what I ate and drank was very unhealthy. So I saw this video.

I LOVE Jenna Marbles!!

Anyways, I watched this, and I thought..Hmm I could do this…So thats what I did. Fruit for breakfast…Salad with nuts for lunch, BUT here is what I did..Every night…Chicken..with veggies, and ONCE a week, I eat whatever I want.

I didn’t exercise. I have a broken knee, and so walking to much kills me. Running is out of the question right now, but I did swim alot. It is far too hot to NOT swim where I live…

Anyways, doing this for a year I lost over 100 lbs.

Oh yeah..GAVE up soda..that helped!!

So I am grateful for Chicken….I LOVE IT…Its delicious!!!


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