My Needs




1. I need complete Honesty at ALL times.

2. I need communication. Without it I have no basis for this relationship.

3. I need to be trusted

4. I need to be able to trust you!

5. I need to feel safe.

6. I need to know you accept me for all I am.

7. I need to have clearly defined limits/rules.

8. I need you to be consistent

9. I need to expand my limits.

10. I need goals.

11. I need you to teach me.

12. I need you to be my role-model

13. I need to be corrected, but NOT humiliated.

14. I need your approval and reasasurances.

15. I need to be able to express myself.

16. I need to learn from my mistakes

17. I need forgiveness when I fail you.

18. I need to feel I contribute to this relationship.

19. I need to share more than just D/s with you.

20. I need to enjoy my successes with you and others depending on what they are.

21. I need to be your only submissive, since I am not into Poly houses or chains.

22. I need attention, and when it is JUST us your total concentration. (turning off the cell phones).

23. I need to be lead by example.

24. I need to sometimes take things slow.

25. I need your understanding and patience, especially when I trigger.

26. I will sometimes need space/alone time

27. I need you to take control, lead me, etc.

28. I need to know there is a future here.

29. I need to be able to go back to this list or contract and revise anything that changes.

30. I need you to sometimes just be my friend, and not my Mistress.

31. I need to be able to step out of the dynamic and just talk out our issues if they arrive as two equal, respectful adults.

32. I need to know you will push me when I feel flighty.

33. I need to know that when I test my limits with you, you wont just give in.

34. I need to feel owned and dominated.

35. I need to know that if problems between us arrive, you can handle them.

36. I need you to step in when someone (even myself) is causing any harm, physically or emotionally.

37. I need you to share your life with me.

38. I need to feel grounded and secure in my submission

39. I need not to feel ashamed of my fantasies and desires

40. I need your love!


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