It’s Getting Hot In Here


I could always start with a smart retort, something cute, sassy, witty, like ugh..its the heat..this dang humidity, but if I did that then this would be only funny and not taken seriously. Which is the point here isnt it? To take this seriously. Especially now that I have a Dominant, which is AMAZING!

So there are normal things in life that arouse me to no end. I am sure it does for other women as well, you know. Playing with my neck, passionate kisses, flirting, dirty talk, and even that, push you up against the wall, or pin you to the bed I am gonna have my way with you moment. These are all arousing to me, but its more than that. I get aroused by role-playing things like Gor online. I love erotic chat, and sexual games the most. Intelligence gets me going as well.

When my Dominant controls me, that arouses me too. In fact I am not even sure if this is orgasm control or denial or what not, but when I play on voice, via skype or telephone with my Mistress, she edges me, and then I have to beg to have my orgasm, and sometimes I have to count to a certain number before she will let me. Its erotic, its a fun little sex game to play and enjoy, and it makes me feel owned and controled, and very submissive.

It is always awkward when you first start a relationship. You have to learn each other, and be careful to not step on toes, while also revealing your true self just enough to keep them interested, but not enough to go full cray cray on them. You dont want to overwhelm them of course. Thats on reason why I like D/s relationships the most. It is easier to find things out. We dont dance around the issues like vanilla people.

Questions like what are your needs, what are your wants, are normally the first questions ever asked. My favorite are…..what are your hard limits? It is easy enough, and anyone that says they dont have any, is full of shit, and I would LOVE to prove to them, that they do have limits. Some of mine are pretty basic, I wont do anything with scat, and you wont see me drinking cups of piss, or someone urinating in my mouth, or any other hole I have. I love to see needle play pictures, I think most of them are beautiful but I wont be pierced with needles, for the simple face I hate them.

I wont do necrophilia stuff, or pedophilia stuff. No blood play for me, and no I wont wear diapers and be your *little*. I have many more, but I have noticed my list is VERY long. Someone at one time called me a princess and what not to hurt my feelings, but I find it funny. I know what I wont do, what I dont like, so it should be easier this way to not screw things up.

Especially when its a day that some of my softer limits get pushed. I have a lot of those as well, but I am willing to try and push through them and try them to see if its something I actually can enjoy. The biggest thing for me during this, is my aftercare. I need to be held, caressed, and just loved on. If you decided to test my pain level, then I really need reassurance after, with tender caring touches, and admiration. If I do something that is pleasing to you, I dont expect it, but it would be nice to know I have made you happy. To me its the little things right?


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