Dreams Do Come True



12.16.2015 Marks a monumentous day for me. Ive been under a consideration collar for a while now, with someone I never thought possible. I have HUGE issues with female authority. Being an alpha female and all. So its oddly strange that my consideration collar is with a beautiful woman. The most beautiful woman I have ever seen!

So we had made plans to meet for the first time in person in January. We met online and that’s the basis of our D/s relationship, BUT she surprised me. She came and saw me yesterday. We spent the ENTIRE day together, and I feared I would be too shy to do anything with her. So I did what was best, and let my Mistress take charge, as is her right in our relationship.

We touched and teased, and her kisses were heaven to me. She asaked me for my answer, if I wanted to continue this and I had given her my answer in the form of a framed picture, of my SLRN papers. It had my name, her name, and the date of her visit, since that was when I was to submit or end things. I made my Mistress cry. Granted it was tears of happiness.

She grabbed me by my throat, it was the greatest sensation I had, had up to that point, and her kiss then was demanding, claiming me. I was alive, vital, HERS! Her touch caused my body to squirm, her kiss was like drinking from the fountain of youth. I breathed her in, and became high off her scent.

She shocked me more, throwing her hand between my thighs, whispering in my ear that we are playing a game. The game where I am as quiet as can be, and I cant move, and she wriggled her fingers, thrusting them around my clit, and deep within me, and back again. I had an intense orgasm! The very first one from my Mistress.

Of course those are just the sexual reactions to her prowess. I succumbed, and followed her lead, her guidance and she took my to the skies and showed me how to soar!




Now, after my daughter got home, it was back to vanilla things. She hung out with her, which I thought was cool. It wasnt until we began to play a silly game..7 Deadly Sins…granted an adult game, but we PG rated it for my daughter. It involves, acting things, impersonations, singing, and just making yourself look silly and rather idiotic.

Most people I have encountered on the first time, would NEVER do something like this. The fact my Mistress did, shows just what type of person she is. Not only can she own me, make me feel so submissive, feminine and beautiful, but she is caring, loving, funny, and family oriented. That is important to me.

She had dinner with us, but then had to go. The was the only BAD thing about the entire time. Was that it did in fact have to end. I know its not THE END…just the end of that day, but there arent even words to describe how I feel. I miss her. I tried so hard not to cry when she left to go home, but of course I broke down anyways. I am so eager, eager, eager, eager for January to get here, so I can go see her.

I will get to rent a hotel, and spend two-three days there. We will have our collaring ceremony. I am hers with and without the collar of course, but I am so head over heels. I know this is the right move for me, and I know, nothing I write here can do justice to the woman she is, or to how I feel for her.

I can only say that I am sooooooo in love with my Mistress already, and
that I want nothing more in this world than to please her!


2 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True

    • Well whomever this is that wants to leave mean and hurtful comments about other people, let me just say this. I am not hurt or offended by your opinion. Your opinion does not matter to me. The ONLY opinions that matter to me, are that of my Mistress, and my Daddy!

      Now a little information about me. Being called a *princess* isnt a bad thing. In fact in my world, my Mistress calls me princess once in a while. You are right as well. I am not a slave, nor a submissive, nor a little, babygirl, princess, bottom, kajira, or anything singular. I am ALL of them, all wrapped up in one bubbly, excited, terrified, woman who happens to so be in love with my Mistress.

      So thank you. I am grateful you could vent a little on my blog, Mr person who lives in Gainesville Florida, but doesnt want to share his actual identity. Have a good night, and my Mistress said to inform you. She enjoys me being a princess!!

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