Knowledge is the Key


Knowledge is the key to everything! No one in the verse knows everything. So to me knowledge is power, and I feel the most powerful when I am knowledgable about something. Though I LOVE to learn new things, and I am constantly researching topics of interest, and even when I think I know something, and I do not, I go and find out for sure.

What makes me feel small is when I am stuck in the middle of something that I don’t know much about. I literally choke up, and cannot stand to be in those situations. I feel rather ignorant really, and so I am often quiet. Sometimes I will go home and research whatever it is that was being discussed or done so I will understand it and not be party to that type of embarrassment again.

Though sometimes I become extremely frustrated. I might simply get up and walk away, but there have been times when someone pushes me. They just push and push and since I do not like to be put on the spot or made to feel cornered and trapped I explode. I become irate and will argue with someone, or yell at them and walk away. Granted this has only happened a few times in my life, but it does happen.

Most often I am happy, well as happy as I usually am. I don’t have dreams that are ridiculous, and I live my life well within my means. I don’t wish for things I know I can never have, and as much of a dreamer as I am, I do not like to dream about things I desire to much, unless I know I can easily obtain it immediately. I am very much content, even if I know there might be something more for me.


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