Needs are NOT Negotiable


When it comes to my partner and I we communicate well. Sometimes I am reluctant to discuss things when I know it will hurt my partners feelings, but in the end I talk, because without it, our relationship would fail. I have wants, needs, hopes and dreams just as anyone else does. When I feel that a need isnt being fullfilled, or if my needs have shifted, I calmly talk about it with my partner.

We know there may come a time in history that I may not be able to fulfill his needs, and he may not fulfill mine. There isnt anything wrong with that, it just means over time we have changed, and need to reaccess the relationship. We need to evaluate our personal needs, and we never negotiate on them. A need is not something to ever be negotiated.

If our ne needs cannot be met then we know we might have to terminate the relationship and move on. Though we would never do this lightly. We must first make sure that what we feel is a need, truly is indeed a need, and not a want hiding as a need!

For instance on of his biggest needs, and I say need because it is something he needs to be aroused, is to watch me swallow his cum. I detest it. I dont like the taste of cum at all. Even if they do that whole, eat only pineapple, and drink alot of water, blah blah blah. I have NEVER been one to enjoy that part, but for him its a need. Not only a need but a huge fetish.

I have done it a few times, and granted he doesnt ask me to do it all the time, because he knows my personal feelings on it, but I do, swallow his cum, not becuase I want too, not because I enjoy it, but because I submit to it. I give in, for HIS pleasure, and sure the taste isnt ok with me, and I do not like doing it, but hell, I can get a drink to chase it with!

There are things I wouldnt mind doing. Like going to seminars to watch needle work done. I find it rather beautiful, the designs they make on peoples flesh. Some of them are truly amazing, and could be considered pieces of artwork for museums in my opinion. However, as much as I find it beautiful, I would never do it myself. I am extremely sensitive to pain, and I have an extreme dislike for any sort of needles.

There would also be that…what is that on your body??? A few people in my life that are vanilla know about my lifestyle choices. They mock me, and wag their fingers in my direction, but thats fine. They can judge all they want, it just means they wont ever get to know the real me. I do not care what people think of me. I havent for a long time. I am happy with who I am, and sure I have things in my life I need to work on, but that takes time. No one is perfect, no matter how much I try to be.


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