The Look


There are so many books, movies out in the world. To say anyone in particular influences me fully would be a lie. I am a huge fan of Poe, but deep down my soul is a romantic and Jane Austen holds me close. I believe in chivalry, and romance, and true love, and that love conquers all. Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy for me are one of the greatest love stories, at least for Austin’s romances. Though Deidre and Naisi’s Irish love moves my soul. The celtic story of a Romeo and Juliet in its own ways. Defying the king for true love, and running away together. Love like that to me does not exist in the real world.

When it comes to movies, any character from a Nicholas Sparks script will do fine. Oh Inara Inara Inara, the lovely companion from Firefly, Serenity, is graceful, beautiful, elegant, proper. I try to be more like her, minus the being paid for sex part. *LOL* The Story of O, the Beauty Series, John Norman’s Gor series, most of all in my opinion poorly written but there is beauty and romance in all of them. They help me deeply in my every day to day service.

For instance when I am out with the entire family, to which I cannot be on my knees, and I wear my day collar that only looks like a pretty necklace to those who do not understand its meaning, and I am enjoying myself. I sometimes would tease my Dominant, here and there being the little sassy brat I can be sometimes, and its that look. The half tilted head, the eyes staring at me with intense fire that shakes me too my core. The one that lets me know secrelty when I get home, my ass is grass!!!

I have had these looks many times. Yet they often get repeated during vanilla times, when I push a little to far, or do something I was clearly told NOT to do. Alcoholism is strong in my family, so I do not usually drink. On top of that I am diabetic, so alcohol shoots my sugar level through the roof! SO when my Dominant tells me as we walk into dinner…NO drinking tonight…and I order my meal and a cocktail, I ALWAYS get that look! I pay for it in the end, both by a consequence for defying the commands of my Dominant but of course later, when I feel sick because my sugar level is too high. Though he is nice enough to let me drink once or twice a year, as long as I keep it limited. To which I do try strongly to do.

There of course are things I do daily to stay calm, collected, and to feel better. I like my yoga, and I honestly do not thinnk I do it enough, but with my injured knee its hard to do it every day like I would like to. I also like to soak in the tub and read. I have a detox mixture I apply to the water that sucks the toxins from my body. There is the monthly rituals of getting my hair and nails done, this is to feel beautiful, its not a need of course, but something I do to pamper myself. In the coming weeks I get to go with my mother to the spa fo massages and such. I am excited for that. its not something I get to do all the time.

Of course my blogging helps my mind to focus and relax. I do not get much in the way of comment or readers, but I dont write for them. I appreciate them, but I write for myself really. Plus my religious activities which honestly I do not do enough of. I enjoy anything to do with the ocean. The more of it the better I say. Plus there is music to calm my soul, and if all else fails I turn on my xbox one and play som FPS. These are just a few things I do, there are other things as well, but I dont need to list them all!


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