– “Let people feel the weight of who you are and let them deal with it” – John Eldridge

I am unsure if being apart of things like fetlife, and tumblr really count as a BDSM community. I know we have some here nearby that host munches, and dungeon play nights but I have been far too terrified to go. One I do not want to go alone, I have heard the stories. I know it isnt right to hold those scary stories, up against all munches, but being submissive in nature, I dont want some random *Dominant* tryig to take advantage of me.

However I will be going to some soon, I find it very very important to be near people that not only accept the lifestyle, but to be around people who also understand you, and believe in things that you do as well. Without being with people that understand you, or do not judge you for your life choices, you kind of feel alone. Thankfully my online life has found me many friends with similar tastes, that understand me.

Sometimes just talking to my online friends can help me with my anxiety or subdrop. Now I am not saying its as good as being in subspace, I have only experienced that once or twice, and it was intense. I lose all inhibitions, almost as if I am fully drunk or high, but to get rid of all that stress, all that worry and to just feel amazing, it comes pretty darn close when you socialize with people like you.

I enjoy going to discussions, and group meetings online, to talk with other submissives, or meet other D/s couples that have gone through things that I have also experienced. It makes me feel like I am connected to the world. There is no point in living in this world if you cannot connect to it, and the people around, and leave something behind


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