The Submissive Alpha Female


There is no role/label for a alpha sub on fetlife. Maybe because the person or persons are confused by the wording. It’s not to be construed as a Domme or switch. I am a alpha sub. I’m a “Domme” in the streets and a sub between the sheets.

In my vanilla life I rule the household with an iron fist, but in the bedroom I want someone to take my control away and become my ruler. I’m confident in who I am, but hesitant to step out my comfort zone and that’s where the sub in me becomes uneasy of taking the reins.

The submissive alpha female is confident, assertive, strong, intelligent in her life and the daily dealings of people in general. She might or might not hold an executive position in the work force. She is not to be confuse with being dominant. A dominant is one who holds power over someone, whereas a submissive alpha female has power within herself. She could exert that power but in the end if she sees an open to get into trouble with that power, she hopes someone can take over and right the path to her submissive alpha position.

It’s was recently I learned of this role/label, but the alpha and I are one in agreement, it’s not a role or label, it’s who we are as the same person. Not to be confuse with another persona. We are one in mind, body and spirit.

The submissive alpha female isn’t a rarity when this lifestyle first began. It’s the topic that hasn’t really been define until now in this era.


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