Internal Thinking



1. Describe yourself from your Dom(me)’s perspective. (If you are single, just skip and go onto the next question.)



A bit wild and untamed

Extremely stubborn and unforgiving

Truly passionate and deeply caring

Loves with all of her soul

Talented and artistic to a fault




2. Describe yourself from your own point of view.



I lack focus, and structure, and I try to do everything to perfection. I care and love to easily and trust people, as I feel everyone has good in them, and I am often buned for it.

I try so hard to be pleasing, and it frustrates me when I am not.

I take everything far to personally.

When I set my mind to something, I am determined to see it through

I see the beauty in everyone and everything



3. Describe yourself through the eyes of a co-worker or school friend; someone who only knows your vanilla side.



Confident and out going

Talented and very funny

Sometimes keeps people far too much at arms lengths

Talks way to much for her own good

Wiling to take her own shirt off her back just to helpm someone else out.


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