Have Her


I told him he could have her.

For months, he had dropped her name a bit too frequently. She had become a regular character in his work day stories. I swear, after a while I knew what she ate for lunch, and when she took a shit. He thought he was being subtle.

Men aren’t good at subtle.

And, sometimes, you’ve just got to let them do something to get it out of their head.

So I told him he could have her.

But it had to be in our home. And he’d better make it good, because it was a one time pass.

I recognized her from his stories, as soon as I saw her through our living room window, getting out of his car. She had long red hair from a bottle, and skin tight jeans. Her face was drawn, like she smoked too much. And her hips were just a little too wide for her skinny body.

He had his arm around her as they passed through the front door, and she was giggling stupid from happy hour.

He introduced me as his sister as I passed by them in the hall, and I rolled my eyes as he stuck his tongue down her throat.

There was a steady rhythm on the floor above my head as I sat eating alone in the kitchen. I washed my dish in the sink, and headed out and up the stairs to the second floor.

He had left the guest room door part-way open, just as we had agreed. I stood against the frame and peered inside.

She was on her back in the middle of the bed, legs spread high and wide. He was holding them open, as he plowed her. I could see the ripples in his ass moving with him as he stroked into her.

She was moaning like an actress in a cheap porn, and her feet were starting to shake. But I knew she hadn’t seen nothing yet.

He pulled out and flipped her onto all fours. I watched as she extended her back and wiggled her ass for him, beckoning him to ‘come hither.’ She sighed as he wet himself up and down her slit, and drilled into her in one stroke.

She hesitated when he put his hand around her throat. This was, obviously, uncharted territory for his little office girl. His lips went to her ear, whispering sweet nothings to her, and she groaned, spreading her legs a little farther for him to fuck her better.

Face down, ass up…. she didn’t know what it was, but she did it all the same when he pushed her head into the pillow. And, although she couldn’t see it, his head was turned watching me in the doorway as he began using her body in earnest.

I slipped my hand under my waistband, pushing down between my legs and into my own wetness. I had had what he was giving her, and, oh so much more…and I wanted it now. I wondered to myself what her pussy would taste like later on his cock, when I sucked him hard again.

He put a finger to his mouth to wet it, and then moved it to her asshole. I watched it swirl round and round the rim before pushing inside. She let out a gasp…

He pushed into the knuckle, bending his finger and stretching her in a way that was so much more prep then I ever got. Leaning over her, he spit into the crack of her ass, and watched the saliva slide down to join a second finger that he had positioned at her tight opening.

She tried to move forward and away as the second digit joined the first, but he held her in place. He began working them slowly together, as she whined.

Within a couple minutes, I could hear her breathing change and become heavy, as she started to relax and push into him. “What a dirty girl you are,” he crooned.

I could see his cock glistening with her juice as he pulled it from her cunt. There was a “pop,” as his fingers left her tight ass. I could see the opening close up behind them.

Back and forth, back and forth, his cock moved over her asshole, spreading her lube to ease his passage. I moved my fingers back and forth, back and forth over my own slit, waiting for him to hit the bullseye.

“No no no no no no no! ” I heard her cry as he pushed in. “No no no no no no no! I don’t want this! ” What the fuck did she think he had been preparing her for, stretching her with his fingers?

She bolted off the bed, and reached for her clothes on the floor. There was a look of abject horror when she turned and saw me standing in the doorway, with my hand down my pants.

“You and your sister are fucking sick!”

I moved out of the way to let her pass, and she flew down the hall to the bedroom, clutching her clothes.

He motioned to me to join him on the bed. “Pull your pants down, Love. Finish for her. “

“You know, you shouldn’t have told her I was your sister, ” I said, struggling with my wet panties.

“Mmm, hmm, ” he replied, rimming my ass with his tongue. “Doesn’t matter now… it was a once off, just like we agreed.” He positioned himself on his knees behind me. “Anyway, any girl who won’t take an ass fucking, isn’t the girl for me. “

I moaned at the burn, as he pushed himself inside. “I know. In fact, I knew that when I told you that you could have her.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“I mean, I already knew she wouldn’t let you fuck her ass.” I wiggled back into him and ground my hips, begging for him to unleash his cock.

“How could you possibly know that? “

“Remember the guy at my work. .. the one you agreed to let me have if I let you wet your dick in your office slut? “

“Uh huh.”

God, he felt so good up my ass. I wondered if my own office stud would feel as good next week, when he came over and violated it? I pictured my office bull in the same position behind me, the door, again, left part-way open. The man had been leaving me little notes at my desk telling me how he couldn’t wait to rip open my dirty little hole…

My words turned to staccato moans, punctuated with every thrust… “You. Don’t. Listen. Very. Well. Always. So. Busy. Talking. About. Her. You. Never. Paid. Attention. To. What. I. Said. About. My. Day. “

He paused, confused.

I smiled, as I began spasming around his cock. “He’s her husband.”

Sournce: https://fetlife.com/users/2351158/posts/2723100


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