For my party-bound sisters


It’s been party season, with BBW just behind us, TASSP and FMS right in front of us, and CM next month, soon to be followed by SL. I can’t attend everything, unfortunately, but I’ve been a party-goer for 18 years. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go, I went from a newbie to a veteran, and I’ve had, seen, and heard about a lot of wonderful scenes. As well as some bad ones.

And one theme never seems to change: Women at parties are uncomfortable saying “no” to a spanking request. (For all intents and purposes of this particular discussion, I’m going to keep the focus on female bottoms. I know that tops of both sexes also have to deal with being asked to play when they don’t want to, but I think there is a particularly intense pressure on the female bottom persuasion.)

We don’t want to be mean. We don’t want to be rude. We don’t want to hurt feelings. We don’t want to get a bad rep for being too picky, or just playing with the “popular” tops, or some such nonsense. So we go ahead and accept the play invitation we really don’t want, because how bad could it be, anyway?

Let me tell you, it could be pretty bad. But that’s not the point. Even if it isn’t… why should any of us compromise in our play?

Ladies, you are not a party ambassador. No one assigned you to play with anyone and everyone who asks you. It’s YOUR party. You paid for your ticket just like everyone else, and you have choices. And, even more important, it’s YOUR butt. You get to choose who puts their hands on it.

Consider what a play party spanking is. OK, so maybe it’s not as intense and personal as a one-on-one spanking with a trusted mate. It’s more casual, more light-hearted, generally shorter, etc. But guess what? It’s still an intimate act. Someone is putting their hands on you, looking at your backside, feeling you close to them. Unless you are blessed with the ability to completely detach yourself (I am not), you need to have some level of attraction, of chemistry, of like, or even just curiosity about playing with someone. Do you want to kiss every man you meet? Of course not. Then why would you be expected to lie across the lap of every man who wants you to?

Please stop compromising yourselves. If you really, really don’t want to play with someone, then please don’t. Do not allow yourself to be guilted, manipulated or coerced. You have the right to say “no, thank you” and have it be respected.

I once had a friend (who sadly dropped out of the scene several years ago), a lovely woman, who was cursed with simply being too nice for her own good. She could not say no to anyone, even though she desperately didn’t want to play with some people. I was constantly lecturing her about this, and she’d hang her head and say, “I know, I know.” I’d warn her about certain people. I warned her about a notoriously hard and inconsiderate player, but when he asked her to play, she said yes. Then she timidly asked him to please not use any wood. He went on to completely ignore her and bruise the holy hell out of her with a wooden paddle. When my friend and I were icing her down later and she was in tears, I wanted to throttle the guy. But I wanted to throttle her a little, too! “Dammit, C,” I said. “Just say NO!”

Same woman wanted to avoid yet another creep who had been chasing after her. He was sitting on a couch and she was trying to walk past him, and he did a “yank and spank” — he simply grabbed her and pulled her down over his lap and started whaling away. And she let him. Had it been me, I would have raised the roof. Do NOT let anyone do this to you! And don’t be afraid of making a scene, or of “being a bitch.” You don’t want to be on that lap? Get the hell off of it, and report the yanker.

These are atypical horror stories, and I’m not trying to scare newer people. My point is, this kind of stuff stops when we say no, and mean it.

When tops are polite to you, by all means, be polite back. When you’d like to play with someone but are concerned that you’re overextending yourself, ask them to please keep the scene light. That, too, is within your right. But if you’re pushed, cornered, your space is invaded, someone won’t take a polite “no” for an answer? Guess what? You don’t have to be so nice anymore. Walk away. And if they follow you, report them. This shit needs to stop.

If you’re still leery about being firm, get a wingman/woman if you need to. Hang with a trusted friend, and let them know who is bothering you. When he approaches, your friend can intervene on your behalf and say, “Hey, aren’t we supposed to be in so-and-so’s room right about now?” and whisk you away. I’ve done this — it works! Do whatever to need to do in order to ensure your good time. You deserve it. We all do.

Play safe, have fun, and always remember: It’s YOUR BUTT!

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