Good Girls


I am a good girl. Always have been… always will be. And sometimes it sucks.


Because people love the good girl at the same time don’t give them a second thought. Why should they… the good girl won’t embarrass you or give you a hard time. She won’t call you out in public or work to undermine you in private. She’ll give you everything you want and ask for very little in return.

She’ll be called a doormat. She’ll stand by and watch the brats get the attention.

And then she’ll ask herself… maybe its time to stop being a good girl.

Because… she may be a good girl… but she’s not without strength or pride. She just doesn’t find it in challenging you, in making you work for her good behavior, or in undermining your decisions.

Its in doing your will. In going about efficiently and effectively making your desires a reality. In being your support when life beats you down and rejoicing with you when life gives you the recognition you deserve.

Take your good girl for granted long enough and don’t be surprised when one day she says ‘enough’ and leaves. You may think it was sudden… but trust me it wasn’t. She tried and tried hard. She didn’t yell or scream or disrespect you. She said it quietly and with the respect she felt you deserved. Yet you dismissed her or gave her a pat on the head and made weak amends.

Don’t think she’ll come back… for she is strong… and proud. Her value lies not in what you give to her but in what she gives to you. She doesn’t need your attention, she valued it because it came from you and only asked the same.

Yes, being a ‘good girl’ sucks sometimes but you know what… its who i am and if you don’t appreciate it… i will gladly find someone who does.




I got this off of Fetlife. I dont remember who wrote it, but I thought this was something to share, because I have been in situations like this before. I am a good girl and I always get neglected, ignored, tossed aside, for the ones who cause drama, and fight all the time. Then all I hear after is they want an obedient woman, and I scream in my head saying..well wtf was wrong with me…cuz I was good, and you kicked me to the curb!!!!


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