I am a submissive, not a slave!!!


I am submissive; I am not a slave. I hope you will value my submission as an ongoing choice. I don’t have to submit; I choose to submit. I am always going to ask questions and sometimes argue. As my Dominant, You will have final say, and I will obey. But if You are looking for someone to be silent and obedient, I am not your girl. You are worthy of my submission because of who You are to me, just as I hope to be worthy of Your Dominance. For me, the exchange is the real heart of a D/s relationship.

I love structured relationships. I like having rules and protocols and rituals. I don’t need to be micro managed, but I do like having direction. I need to know that You are paying attention. When I start feeling ignored, I will test Your boundaries, often without realizing what I am doing.

I am romantic at heart. We have to have chemistry together. I want love and romance along with my D/s. Pure power exchange without the emotional and sexual components does not work for me.

I am sexually submissive and a sexual masochist. I may initiate sex, but I want You to take over. Rough, hard, raw sex is a must. I want to feel taken, forced, and overwhelmed. I may struggle, but that is followed by surrender. Impact play of most kinds is a huge turn on for me. An edge of force and mild humiliation is good too. Most of my BDSM play has a sexual rather than a cathartic vibe.

I have a Leather heart. Although my future Dominant does not have to identify as Leather, those qualities are important to me. I tend to be involved and active in any community I claim for my own and my BDSM community is no different.

I love taking care of those close to me. I love cooking, and drink service. I love entertaining and making sure everything is perfect, from the food and dinner service to the house and table décor. But…. I am not primarily a service submissive. I do housework because we all have to, not because it is my thing. I understand that service is a calling for some people, but YKINMK.

I am not an object, an unpaid servant, or an “it.” Occasional objectification is hot, but I am a person and that will not change.

I don’t need You to pay my rent or be my Sugar Daddy. I am looking for an Owner who will also be my friend and lover, who can be my other half in vanilla as well as kinky settings. I need to feel special and loved, even when I am being punished. In return you will have my service and submission, my loyalty and passion, my heart.







So I dont recall where I found this. I think it was from Fetlife and it was late at night and I was exhausted so I didnt get the link. I really feel I can relate to this article. Whomever wrote this, hit it dead on for me, and I am very thankful.


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