Never think that her submission is because she cannot be her own warrior.


She has fought battles and lived to tell the tales of the scars that mark her very soul. No, her submission does not come from weakness, it comes from the very centre of her beautiful strength. What she offers you is worth priceless riches. What she surrenders is her heart~~
Submission is not about sex. Submission is not something one can learn. It is not dirty.


Submission is a beauty that comes from the very soul of a submissive woman. It is breaking down walls built up in her lifetime, allowing the beautiful, sensual woman to come through. Submission is about sensuality. It is about trust, communication, vulnerability, caring, and honesty. Submission is about knowing who you are and what you want.


A submissive is not a weak person but just the opposite. She is strong in herself and in the knowledge of who she is. She never submits out of weakness or desperation. She submits out of strength, love, and trust. Submission is freedom. It is letting go of one’s self, knowing that her partner is there to catch her if she falters. It is about pushing to be the very best one can be, not only as a submissive, but as a woman.

Submission can actually engender power: realizing that you have something to give and that you are capable of mastering your own will to give it up the way it is wanted instead of the way you think it should be wanted. It can inspire pride, not the false pride of an inflated ego but the true pride that, like humility, comes from knowing the depths of yourself.

~ William Henkin


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