Tribute to ALL my Fans!!!


Alright so out of a list of 50 I am at 37. I dont know why but that made my day. I dont care if I was was number 50! So that got me into searching to see my stats for my blog. I know I dont write everyday like I used too  because I am sick, but you know what I found. 75 followers!!! I hadnt even realized I had that many readers. It made me cry to be honest. For the first time in a long time I didnt feel alone!!!

So I wanted to say hello to all the new people following me. You are added to a much welcomed pool of those I consider friends. Thank you as well to ALL of my followers. Older ones, newer ones, and future ones. It write to ease my troubled mind, but I am just thankful that you all take the time to read what I have to say. You all give me hope that I will survive and move on to a better day.

For this I am truly thankful. You have made the sun shine in my world today! I love you all!


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