Lead me to the fireside, stone warmed, hearth and sink me down to my knees at your side..body aching..eyes glowing in the licks of flame as I arch my throat and look up the magnificence of you as you stand musing, pondering, staring into the flames that caress us both.

Lead me to your me..allow me to pleasure you..allow me to use the urgency of the desire you incite in me to reach out to smooth slave fingers over your body..tracing your sinews.. tracing your corded muscles and battle scars.

Allow me..demand me..force me to open my heart and my eyes to you. Demand from me every shred of It is yours, you have it all..It is yours, it lives for you. it exists to be yours.

Lead me where you will..the man who with superb craftery..wizardry ..witchery..calmed the beast of stubbornness, of elusiveness, of pride, of dignity, of contrariness – tamed her to be helplessly devoted to you and to the Mastery only you can bring to this quicksilver life…
I love you.


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