I wanted to thank everyone that has been leaving me wonderful comments during my trying time.

So an update. I am far in to much pain to write anything too long. So here it is.

I took Anastasia’s advice and went to the hospital. Everyone was really nice to me down there, but of course NO ONE listens..So they gave me another NORMAL catscan…of course nothing showed up.

I also had an EKG…that was normal…but lab results came back that my white blood cell count was way too high…They gave me some antibiotics, fluids, and tylenol….rolls eyes….

Anyways they set me up with a nuerosurgeon…so that is good. At least the referral to this place has come through already!!

Though it is getting worse. I am not starting to hallucinate a little bit. Not sure why!

My current symptoms:

Pressure in the back of my head

Pain in neck, and bottom of the back of head


Ive noticed some personality changes and such

Memory loss

Sensation in a body region

Severe muscle spasms – lasting hours

Hearing loss

Vision Changes

Difficulty sometimes understanding what others are saying

Excessive thirst

Visual hallucinations


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