Catching Up


Being sick really sucks. I never have the motivation to work on my blog as much as I used too. So I got my first cat scan results. It was a no contrast scan and it reveal nothing wrong with my skeletal structure. So that means whatever the hell is going on with me is a tissue related issue.
So now I have to do more tests and of course still no pain medication or anything to help me sleep. The doctors of this state suck. I dont want a narcotic just something to ease my situation.

Also, Joey is no more. He is a great guy, still is. We talk occasionally but he wanted to mock my real life, and be disrespectful to me. I am a very passionate person. I dont tolerate people picking on my friends, so why would I ever tolerate them treating my family like garbage?

There were other red flags too. He wanted me to move in with him in real life? I hardly knew him. He kept telling me he loved me, but he only knew me for a couple weeks. The biggest one was him telling me I wasnt allowed to have certain limits. Though the only one who is ever allowed to negotiate my limits, is me!

So yeah it sucks, but you know what. He didnt respect me. So that is fine. He doesnt have too, but he wont be with me because of it. Things happen for a reason, but I am starting to be happier each day. I am back in my role-playing in second life. Making some great friends, and just enjoying myself as much as I can.

My little girls birthday is coming up to. 12 years old. The last year she is officially a child. So I am going all out!!


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