Daddy Doms???


Alright so I admit I really do not know much about Daddy Doms and babygirls, but I do know my besty is really into the lifestyle. She showed me something from a profile and I wanted to share it with everyone. I guess I could get used to the DD/bg life if it truly was treated the way it is explained below!!!

In every girl’s life, there is a force, a presence, a Daddy, a Dominant she lives and breathes to love and honor. A Top is for tonight, a Dom is for however long they’re needed, a Master as long as they seek Mastery, but a Daddy is forever

A Daddy Dom will treat His babygirl as His most prized possession, one that He guards with His life. A Daddy naturally teaches His girl all that He knows, all that He wishes her to be. A babygirl longs to learn and if allowed to question that which she doesn’t know or understand, enabling a Daddy to guide her, fulfilling His need as well.

(taken from the profile of Lowden Resident in SL)


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