Rules and Punishments


Found this article on Fetlife…It spoke to me!!!

I need rules because I’m a procrastinator. I need them because I can be lazy. I need them because my ideals are weaker than my desire to do what I want.

I need rules because sometimes I’m tired, grouchy, and not at my best. The rules take away my ability to let my emotions or physical condition guide my actions.

Sometimes I’m like a bratty little child. I look for ways to cheat. I need rules that are specific and definite.

Rules help me achieve the things I wish to achieve. Rules help me be the best person I can be. Rules negate excuses.

Punishment validates the rules. If I break the rules, there should be punishment whether it’s natural consequences or physical punishment. What is the point of having a rule if nothing bad happens when it gets broken? Punishment underlines the rules. Punishment provides a reason to pay attention.

I wish I could be my most excellent self without rules and punishments, but I’m tired of fighting myself all the time. Rules take away the need to fight myself. Punishment provides me with an additional motivation to obey.

I am very obedient. I have very strict standards for my behavior. I have this tiny capering demon-child within that tries to thwart my efforts. Rules and punishment speak directly to this tiny demon. 🙂

I need them.


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