Best Friends 4 Ever

So I have been through a lot through out my life. Of course I am not bragging, this is NO contest. Everyone has been through something in their life. This isnt an entry about getting pity or sympathy. Actually it is completely opposite.

When you go through things it is always nice to have someone there. Luckily for me I have had some amazing people as rocks for me. Of course always boosting up my Ego telling me how amazing I am, or that I deserve the stars and the moon. Some of course let me cry on their shoulder and tell me it will be alright.

Three of them are more important to me than most. Shanna, Tiffany, and Maxine.


Tiffany of course is my longest friend out of the three of them. I met her online back in 2009 and we have been friends ever since. We were owned by the same man in RP, and when he left we were attached at the hip. She has been someone who has given me advice and will honestly slap me in the face if I need it. She is the one person I know will give me that true honest blunt opinion on something I need help with, and if something becomes to stressed she tells me it will be alright and does her best to help me find a solution. We both share a photography company in SL, and have often gone months without talking just because of time issues and yet when we meet up again its like we never skipped a day. This woman is very dear to me and I love her to death!!!

Nikkilee Andel_002 copy.psd by JC Davi

Shanna I met randomly looking for someone to play my Gorean Kajira when I was a free woman. I own her in RP, always will cuz she is just that awesome even if she says she is a princess and refuses to make me cupcakes. She lives only an hour or two away from me, and I swear this girl not only brought out my more feminine side, I love her like my sister. She is the one who makes me laugh, and really would hide a body with me. She is always right there with me when I go through things and understands on a different level because it is like we experience things together. When she is hurting I am hurting, and if I am she is. I love her so much, it is like I have known her my whole life.


Maxine aka Maxipad!!! Now I havent known her as long as the other women that I cherish, but these past few months have been a blast. Which is odd because I started out not liking her. I thought she was obnpxious and kinda slutty!!! Though that was a misunderstanding. We started to get to know each other more and I am glad we did. She is obnoxious but not in an annoying way. She is soooo brutally honest and blunt and some of the random things that come from her mouth just crack me up. She is ALWAYS there to make me laugh, or help me up when I am down. I am truly thankful that she has come into my life.

I dont think I could have survived what I did these past few years. I love each of these women. Family is who you love with your heart, and these girls are my family. I wouldnt have it any other way. Sisters for life the four of us, I adore and love them with all of my heart. They are soul mates!!! I would do anything for them, and they for me! So in the end this is something Ive wanted to write about for awhile. Just havent had the energy. I am hoping that one day the four of us will all live near each other. Then we can have our own version of SITC best friends!!!!  


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