No New Year’s Kiss


It is the most humiliating thing knowing you are madly in love with someone. That for years you have sacrificed your joy, your happiness and your life for them. Then when you can no longer stand to be without their touch, you try to tell them. You ache for their touch, desire to have it, and cannot live with out it.

When you even go so far as to degrade yourself, to dress up for them, and call yourself filthy names, because you know that arouses them. When you finally get out those few little words:

I want to fuck you so badly!!!

When their response to all of this is:

You have your toys!!!

Who wouldnt break down, heart broken, world shattering and cry. The only problem tears wont come…I am dead inside…unwanted…untouched for years…and here all I wanted was to love you, and make you happy….

What went wrong? Where is my New Year’s Kiss?


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