Please let me go


This is how I felt. All the years we were together, all that time apart. How my heart aches for you. I would if my mind let me run to you. Beg you to return home, and tell you how much I need you, but I cant. I cant bring myself to call, or see you. I would die even more inside. You hurt me. Broke my trust, and made me feel foolish. You took all that love I had for you and made me feel like it was a joke.

Just when I am ready to move on. When no more thoughts of you race in my mind. When I can close my eyes and not see your face or hear your voice you have to come back into my life. You have to call, text, or come over. it some gift you have that you naturally know I am finally hopeful to be happy again. Do you enjoy torturing my heart, knowing I am a puppet to the pain you cause me. Do you truly care for me so little that you have to keep hurting me again and again.

Please go, please leave me alone. Please stop breaking my heart, or making the knife stabbed into me twist in turn. Please for the love of the Gods, have some compassion, show some mercy and grant me this one wish.

I wish you would find it in your heart, to let me move on.


2 thoughts on “Please let me go

    • Let me try again (lack of sleep is killing me today) — You have to find it in your heart to move on. Now continue reading the rest!! 😉

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