What made you love being a submissive?


What made you love being a submissive?

I suppose it was the beauty of servitude that first drew me in. I had always pleased people, without realizing what it was. Before I knew I was submissive, I felt out casted, and like something was wrong with me. I was shy, awkward, but in any relationship of setting I aimed to please and do things exactly as instructed.

I was dating a man, and this was way before I knew of the lifestyle. I was 18, and as poor as us 18 year olds are, we survive off of top ramen, Mac n cheese, canned goods. So one night my boyfriend stayed over, and after sex asked if I could make him some top ramen. This was a huge transition for me. He told me how he wanted it made, with exactly four cups of water. Cooked on the stove until it boiled and then come and get him when it was done.

I did everything he said. Then he comes out dumps out the water, looks at me and said I was silly because he was just going to dump the water out anyways, so I could have used what I wanted. This made me angry, and made me feel foolish. We eventually broke up, and I started researching things online.

It was when I found the lifestyle that I truly realized who I am. I am not ashamed of being submissive, and I find joy and pleasure in serving. I suppose what ultimately made me love being a submissive is that feeling of finding home. That you truly find where you belong, and are accepted.


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