Goodnight my Dominus



My Dominus: rolls over good night mine x

Me: Good night my Dominus

These words although they warm my heart, hearing you call me this, I dread these words. It means that for the next 6-7 hours I will not hear from you, see you, or feel you. I hate the moments you are not with me, and that I cannot serve you. You are my drug, and bring me to my biggest high, and I reach this place that I am so elated the moment you are gone, I fall and you are not there to catch me.

I breath you in, and the moment I wake you are on my mind. I cant wait to move on from my early tasks, my work, or anything else I must do so I can get to you. How can I go a day without you. Your words, Your touch, your sweet delicious torment as you tease me.

I need you now more than ever!!!




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