I pray for you, Acheron!!!


So I hate when you have to reaccess friends, or people you thought were friends. Draco was my student at Bittersweet, and after he graduated we grew very close intimately. He pursued me, and I reciprocated but nothing was serious until a day or two ago. There is someone that was a friend of mine, someone I have given chance after chance to be a true friend. I have helped them out financially etc.

Come to find out, he was talking shit behind my back, about Draco and I and spreading rumors that I was having an affair with him while he was my student!!! BULL SHIT!!! I kept it professional, I would never ruin or take advantage of someone like that. Now the rules at Bittersweet are that you dont date a student. Ok I didnt, he graduated…he is no longer my student etc, but because of this I am no longer permitted to be a mentor. I can still run Newcastle, or host discussions but this is BS…

This is why I dont trust people. This is why it is so hard for me to open up, becasue when I am genuine and really want to be a friend with someone they do this to me!!! Well no more, they are NO longer my friend, and as far as helping people out anymore..I think I am done with that too!!!



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