Let me be your salvation!!!


You are my Marcus Crassus, and I your Kore. We shall share a bond like no other. No other man can dare to take such loyalties away, and all my heart, my mind, soul and body will endure for you. I shall never rebel, or disobey, nor strive to ever harm you.


In your arms I find solace, my peace, my reasoning in all that I am. I ache, I pine, I lust for you, every moment of every day. Do not think for one moment that I would breathe a moment without being by your side!


Take me with you wherever you go, whatever battle you fight. Let me comfort your nights, thrusting to and fro your stresses from your body. I desire only to serve you, please you for all of my days. Drink from my lips the fountain of your youth, or press your sword deep within my sheath and plow my fields until your crops grow fertile.


Need me, as much as I need you, but remember for all your days, I will never give just cause for you to ever have to turn away from me!


I am yours, and forever wish to always seek favor in your eyes!



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