Chained to His Floor – Curled up naked at His feet

[4:04:26 PM] Sir: you have the look of a slave in your eyes girl….


[4:08:36 PM] Me: blushed more and lowered her gaze then, looking at the furs that were damp with the water that had covered their bodies, “Forgive me, Master” she finally said, a plea in her voice. She didnt know if it pleased him for the look she had, or if he was mocking her. She trembled more, wanting him to feel her, and as she bit her lip she began to breath heavily some more, but she didnt look at him, he was right, she had the look of that helpless woman that wanted nothing more than to please him.

[4:12:03 PM] Sir: chuckles and places the goblet back on the table before picking up the silver chain and golden anklet and approaching her, ‘Present your ankle slave…’ he said just grabbing it anyway

[4:12:55 PM] Me: sucked her breath in, as he moved she looked up boldly daring to see him. When he grabbed the chains and commanded her she moved her leg, presenting her right ankle to him, helpless to disobey him

[4:15:26 PM] Sir: secures the anklet to the chain and fastens it on her, ‘It stretches all around the room but ends at the door, do you know why?’ he said not looking at her

[4:17:19 PM] Me: felt the chain locked onto her and she whimpered enjoying how it felt, and feeling calm for once in her life for a long time, “no, Master” she said honestly, but really it mattered not, she was chained to his floor and that was all she cared about

[4:18:07 PM] Sir: So no one can remove you from my property……

[4:18:32PM] Me: smiled happily and looked at him, a chained girl in his home at that moment she felt whole again

[4:19:08 PM] Sir:: you are not yet my property but you are chained to it….

[4:20:09 PM] Sir:: …thus making you ipso facto, my property

So this morning I got this amazing treat to role-play a gorean scene in skype. Well Gorean is natural for me, it is where I am most comfortable being a submissive since I know my training and know Gor well. Any who, there is a certain someone I have grown attached too, and I wanted to share that part of our conversation-and role-play.

He made me feel like a real submissive woman today, and out of my entire 8 years in Gorean Role-play no man has EVER chained me down like that before, and I have had my fair share of Gorean Masters. So I felt special that he would chain me like that, say that no one will take me from his chambers, or his house. It lead to a new conversation…

We discussed taking things extremely slow. So slow that a snail would pass us up in a race and look like he was mighty mouse. So for the next 2 weeks I have entered into a contract with him, so we can learn each other in a D/s aspect! Of course with a Gorean twist, because we both come from a Gorean background!

So these next two weeks, I will be owned by him, and behave accordingly. He is preparing my rules, and I enjoy the anticipation to see them, and know what they are. In a Gorean fashion he has presented me with his whip, I have seen it and I know if I step out of line, I will feel its kiss upon my flesh!

He also has shown me a box with a collar inside. Should we decide to make this permanent all I need do is beg for it! I am eager to please him, and be put to service. I just dont want to fail again, so that is my biggest fear in doing this.

What is really amazing is that he makes me want to serve, and for once in a long time I feel my fire in my belly! He knows my limits, and I trust he will respect them, and never hurt me like that. I see this as a truly bright future, and I am for the first time, in a long time, hopeful!!!

Thank you, my Sir for this two weeks to get to know each other. I am hopeful that it will extend past these two weeks!!


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