So before I could post my latest entry my net went down, and than my computer did too, before I could save it. It frustrated me to now end. Lately I have been feeling as though something was lacking in my life. I cant tell what it is really, because my D/s side is coming together nicely. I know it could be the itch to return to Gorean role-play but I refuse to lower myself back to those days again.

I started reading books on religion, and for many that know me; I am more of a spiritual person than anything else. Often times I find most religions to be forced cults onto people. In fact when I study religions (which is a hobby, and I don’t know why) I catch myself laughing. When you look at dates of religions and such, you find all these recent ones. By recent I don’t mean a few years ago, but come on. They have a saying that a King started Christianity, and killed pagans?

So really what religions came first, and by first I mean…the ORIGINAL religions. My ancestors were Druids, Pagans, Celts, etc. I think it would be just find following their faith. I have always had a love for the Druid path, but I get tired of hearing how evil it is from everyone else. Sure, my eyes have been opened and theirs haven’t, but sometimes you need to surround yourself with positive energy, and while I think on it. How the heck is it evil? Have I ever hurt anyone physically? Am I a bad person? No, in fact I can confidently say that No, I have never hurt anyone, and I am not a bad person. So how can it be Evil?

those are just words from people trying to keep me down! I wont let them! My beliefs are my beliefs, and as I learn more about different cultures and religions, then I become a bit more excited. I want to travel to these places I read about. Temples, and Monasteries, Churches, cathedrals. I want to experience it. I want to take in all the wonders of the world, and let them enter my soul. Sure some of it I might find silly, but in the long run, how wonderful would it be to take in these experiences. To live how they live for a time so you can better understand them?

I want to do this, I just don’t know when I will ever get this chance?


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